Sea Dreamer`s i did it Again (Brian)

born 12-07-2015 cea/pra free HD-A Mdr1 +/-  dm-/-. Ouders/parents: Tommessy  Coldplay & Sea dreamer's Last Rose of Summer).

(Voor showresultaten en nakomelingen scroll naar onder./for showresults and offspring scroll downstairs.

                                                                      Brian 5 jaar oud/ 5 years old

                                                                                                                        3 jaar oud/ 3 years old

Brian 2 en half jaar oud/ Brian 2 and half year old

                                                                                                                                                      28 maanden oud/ 28 months old

2 jaar oud/ 2 years old

                                                                 22 maanden oud/ 22 months old

19 maanden oud/ 19 months old

17 maanden oud/ 17 months old

11 maanden oud/ 11 months old

                                                8 maanden oud/ 8 months old

                                                           6 maanden oud/ 6 months old

                4 maanden/ 4 months old                                            14 weken/ 14 weeks old       

                                                                   12 weken oud/ 12 weeks old

              7 weken oud/ 7 weeks old

Showresultaten 2018/ showresults 2018

28-10-2018 Badbergen Deutsche Collieclub show open class 2 exellent & res CAC. Judge Mrs Jane Margetts.

24-06-2018 Zwolle Hanzeshow 2018 open class 1 exellent Judge:Mr D Spruyt (Be).

03-06-2018 KCM SHV de Collieclub open class very good. Keurmeester Mrs M. Rukopf

25-05-2018 Genk Belgium Collie Association zg. Keurmeester/judge Mr S Clarke

17-03-2018 On the Dogshow Leiden Sea Dreamer's i did it Again got 1 exellent and res CACIB in open class.

Judge on this very nice day was Mrs M.J. Melchior. (Lu).

Showresultaten 2017/ showresults 2017

19-11-2017 Badbergen Deutscher Collie Club 

2 exellent & reserve Cac in open class. Judge: Mrs.  Kirsten Selle

09-10-2017  Hanzeshow Zwolle

1 exellent open class. Judge:  Mr M Wibier.

11-06-2017 KCM de Nederlandse Collieclub

3 exellent Intermédiaire class. Judge: Mrs Jean Catliff

27-05-2017 Championshipshow Belgium The Collie Association

2 exellent Intermédiaire class. Judge  Karen Mc Devitt

04-03-2017 Martini Dogshow Groningen

1 exellent Intermédiaire class. Judge: Mevr Marika Raeymakers-Mitzlaff).

04-02-2017 Eindhoven

1 exellent Intermédiaire class Judge: Mevr de Wit-Bazelmans

Showresultaten/ showresults 2016

15-11-2015 Deutscher collie-club e.v. in Badbergen

very promising and Best baby of show. Judge Mr. Ruud Santen

13-12-2016 Amsterdam Winnershow

1 very promising and best baby. Judge:Mr Igor Vyguzov (Ru).

19-12-2015 De Kerstshow in Wijchen

1 very promising and beste jongste pup . Judge Mr M. Wibier

03-09-2016 Rotterdam

3 very good. Judge Dhr. Per Kristian Anderson (No).

13-11-2016 Deutscher collie-club e.v. in Badbergen

Exellent 4. Judge: Mr Alan Clarke

18-12-2016 de Kerstshow Gorinchem

1 exellent and reserve cac/res cacib Judge Mevr C Kerssemeijer (Nl).  

04-02-2017 Eindhoven

1 exellent Intermédiaire class Judge: Mevr de Wit-Bazelmans

                                Nakomelingen Brian./ Brian his offspring!!!

Brian en zijn dochter Shannon (4 maanden oud, moeder Queen of my Dreams des Gentils Malabars Abby"

Milton Falls Simply the Best (Benji). born 20-09-2016. Mother Milton Falls I Will Survive (Unique).

Malouine's Unchained Melody.
Born 14-7-2017.
Moeder/mother Malouine's Magical Mistery. (Phara).

on the left Milton Falls Simply the Best(Benji) on the right Milton Falls Better be Good to Me (Shara). Mother Milton Falls I Will Survive.

Left picture Shara and Benji right picture Benji.

on the left Scotic Myth Strix Aluco (Ollie). on the right picture Ollie with his father Brian.

Brian his first litter born at our kennel at 20-09-2016!!!

Mother Milton Falls I will Survive (Unique). geboren/born 20-09-2016. 1 reu/ one male en 2 teefjes/ and 2 females.

Milton Falls Better be Good to me (Shara). 13 weeks old

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & Riverside Song Joyride 1 female 2 males. Breeder L. Berghout

Sea Dreamer's Petite Fleur 12 weeks old. Mother Riverside Song Joyride

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & First Collie Love Nirvana's Gift. geboren 02-02-2017

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & Scotic Myth Joy of Quisborough. Geboren 09-05-2017

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & Malouine's Magical Mystery

pups Sea dreamer's i did it Again en Lady Gaga of Paddington Station geboren 12-10-2017