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Sea Dreamer`s i did it Again (Brian)

born 12-07-2015 cea/pra free HD-A Mdr1 +/-  dm-/-. Ouders/parents: Tommessy  Coldplay & Sea dreamer's Last Rose of Summer).

(Voor showresultaten en nakomelingen scroll naar onder./for showresults and offspring scroll downstairs.

Brian 2 en half jaar oud/ Brian 2 and half year old

                                  stamboom/ pedigree

                                                                                                                                                      28 maanden oud/ 28 months old

2 jaar oud/ 2 years old

                                                                 22 maanden oud/ 22 months old

19 maanden oud/ 19 months old

17 maanden oud/ 17 months old

11 maanden oud/ 11 months old

                                                8 maanden oud/ 8 months old

                                                           6 maanden oud/ 6 months old

                4 maanden/ 4 months old                                            14 weken/ 14 weeks old       

                                                                   12 weken oud/ 12 weeks old

              7 weken oud/ 7 weeks old

Showresultaten 2018/ showresults 2018


17-03-2018 On the Dogshow Leiden Sea Dreamer's i did it Again got 1 exellent and res CACIB in open class.

Judge on this very nice day was Mrs M.J. Melchior. (Lu).

Showresultaten 2017/ showresults 2017

19-11-2017 Badbergen Deutscher Collie Club 

2 exellent & reserve Cac in open class. Judge: Mrs.  Kirsten Selle

09-10-2017  Hanzeshow Zwolle

1 exellent open class. Judge:  Mr M Wibier.

11-06-2017 KCM de Nederlandse Collieclub

3 exellent Intermédiaire class. Judge: Mrs Jean Catliff

27-05-2017 Championshipshow Belgium The Collie Association

2 exellent Intermédiaire class. Judge  Karen Mc Devitt

04-03-2017 Martini Dogshow Groningen

1 exellent Intermédiaire class. Judge: Mevr Marika Raeymakers-Mitzlaff).

04-02-2017 Eindhoven

1 exellent Intermédiaire class Judge: Mevr de Wit-Bazelmans

Showresultaten/ showresults 2016

15-11-2015 Deutscher collie-club e.v. in Badbergen

very promising and Best baby of show. Judge Mr. Ruud Santen

13-12-2016 Amsterdam Winnershow

1 very promising and best baby. Judge:Mr Igor Vyguzov (Ru).

19-12-2015 De Kerstshow in Wijchen

1 very promising and beste jongste pup . Judge Mr M. Wibier

03-09-2016 Rotterdam

3 very good. Judge Dhr. Per Kristian Anderson (No).

13-11-2016 Deutscher collie-club e.v. in Badbergen

Exellent 4. Judge: Mr Alan Clarke

18-12-2016 de Kerstshow Gorinchem

1 exellent and reserve cac/res cacib Judge Mevr C Kerssemeijer (Nl).  

04-02-2017 Eindhoven

1 exellent Intermédiaire class Judge: Mevr de Wit-Bazelmans

                                Nakomelingen Brian./ Brian his offspring!!!

Brian his first litter born at our kennel at 20-09-2016!!!

Mother Milton Falls I will Survive (Unique). geboren/born 20-09-2016. 1 reu/ one male en 2 teefjes/ and 2 females.

Milton Falls Better be Good to me (Shara). 13 weeks old

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & Riverside Song Joyride 1 female 2 males. Breeder L. Berghout

Sea Dreamer's Petite Fleur 12 weeks old. Mother Riverside Song Joyride

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & First Collie Love Nirvana's Gift. geboren 02-02-2017

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & Scotic Myth Joy of Quisborough. Geboren 09-05-2017

pup Brian & Maydale's D'Amour Varesse born 25-06-2017

Maydale's Zone Romantique (Roan).

Pups Sea Dreamer's i did it Again & Malouine's Magical Mystery

pups Sea dreamer's i did it Again en Lady Gaga of Paddington Station geboren 12-10-2017