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                                                      Reuen/ males

Rydeen Against the Wind (Milo). F: Brown Sugar of Slatestone. M: Amor Amor of Lowlands Green Valley 

Sea Dreamers I did it Again (Brian). F: Tommessy Coldplay. M: Sea Dreamer`s last Rose of Summer.

Milton Falls The Banjoman (Dan). F: Ch. Rydeen Dancing in the Dark. M: Milton Falls Vision of Hope

                                                     teefjes/ Females

Milton Falls Quiet Eyes (Wanda). F: Lynmead Amalie Smart Move. M: Milton Falls New Years Gold.

Queen of my Dreams Des Gentils Malabars (Abby). F: Amalie Lynmead just in Gold. M: Kiss of Love of a New Horizon

                                                   met pensioen/ retired

Milton Falls Vision of Hope (Ziva). F: Quality of the Night Raiders Home. M:One Vision`s Lovely of the Unicorn.


Milton Falls Pearl of New Year (Tiny).. F: Rydeen Against the Wind. M: Milton Falls Hold on Tight.

Milton Falls I Will Survive (Unique). F: Ghostrider du Clos de Seawind. M: Milton Falls Vision Of Hope.

Milton Falls Maid in Blue (Jazzlyn). F: Fridens Charles de Gaulle. M: Milton Falls I Will Survive.